Tiffany Girl

Tiffany Girl

About me: It can be difficult to choose the “rare diamonds” among the many luxury escorts in Switzerland. But then she is … Tiffany . She is exactly what she claims to be: People always find it hard to believe that one person can combine several completely different aspects of. I don’t understand why beauty and intelligence can’t be combined. I love taking care of my body and giving it the attention it deserves. I like to take the time to dress elegantly and sexily for intense visual stimulation. I am a very imaginative and spontaneous person. My imagination often runs away with me. I put myself in all kinds of situations, situations that seem very unlikely at first glance. But since I believe the impossible to be possible, I am now writing this application and waiting for you to make it possible. Tiffany is first and foremost a loving person, she loves life, loves men and loves to have love and sex. For her life is there to enjoy, to enjoy the exciting company of a gentleman, to enjoy a glass of wine and an interesting conversation, because in my opinion the mental stimulation is more intense than the physical, the pleasure of sharing physical pleasures together and that of others, she likes to explore them bit by bit, she likes to touch them, kiss them and devour them all at once. Tiffany is intelligent without being arrogant. Respect is one of her most important values. She is a true ” courtesan” and has all the qualities of an “artist of love”. Highly recommended! It is not for everyone, it reserves the right to reject cheap people without ethical and moral values! If you find yourself in this description, do not hesitate and make an appointment! Do not bother me with 50-70 Chf ! Or squirt in the mouth in the face! I don’t do that ! My mouth is for hot, wet and passionate kisses!


    6020 Emmenbrücke LU


    +41 76 287 07 75