Mira Girl

Mira Girl

I am M I R A. I am 50% India and 50% Mexican and I need to finally experience real sex. I have natural bust size 95D.

I can only think of one thing: sucking, blowing…. Cum! I love blowjobs. I don’t know why but I love cock in my mouth… like lollypop only better.

When I’m really wet, wet and demanding while you fuck my tight pink pussy… soft, harder, demanding, thrusting…. then I want to come with you, I really come, play nothing… where you squirt your juice, into my hole.

Please make an appointment with me. Tel 076 753 1432, waiting for you.

✅Suck and sex with rubber

❌ I don’t do sex without a condom.
Safer sex has top priority!!!


    5400 Baden AG


    +41 76 753 14 32